Sunday, March 17, 2013

One Small Step. A Giant Leap

… into cyberspace.
I’ve been doing comparison looking (teed. e. ous) into tablets.  I want to have something to take with me when I travel so that I can keep in touch a bit and have access to information. Particularly for my upcoming trip to Nepal which will involve many, many hours on airplanes and in airports.
I have this weird bias: if it appeals to soooo many people (like McDonald’s), how good can it be? Hence, I resist. I figure I’m just paying extra for a brand name when some less expensive, off-brand would suffice. But I have several friends who are enthusiasts (and don’t eat at McDonald’s) so I included the apple’s in my research. Try as I did to avoid the i, I succumbed (to the mini).
And I can see why it is so popular – easy, easy, easy. I even synched up with my desktop. On my own. Needed fewer hints than getting through a game of spider solitaire. Of course it would probably still be sitting in the box if my visiting friend (a former engineer) hadn't gone shopping with me and then hooked up a wireless router (magic!) so I could use the thing at home.
And for many of you this may just be in the same category as this post: Revelations Probably Already Known to Others (August, 2012), but I feel as though I have crossed a new threshold.
Maybe I’ll see some of you on Facetime (although that fun-house-like camera was obviously tested by young people. It's kind of a sobering experience for us semi-oldsters).
P.S. (a couple days later): Oh. And if you hear me referring to Siri as though she is my new BFF, please stop me.

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