Tuesday, February 26, 2013

And I Quote

Hope you all don’t mind that I have been adding quotes in my posts. There is an odd synchronicity that has been happening: I’ll be thinking about something (like seeing more clearly or whatever) and in something I’m reading or even Facebook posts there is a quote from someone more famous than me who brings it together. Or I’ll be reading something and there is a quote touching on something that I’m trying to get to crystallize so I can write about it (like the quote from Phillip Glass in the Dare to Be Bored post) (BTW: His music drives me crazy, but his methodology resonated with me). So I cut it out, save it, and let it marinate with the rest of the thought-soup in my head. Eventually it fits in somewhere. Which is cool. But what I really like is the synchronicity of it. That used to happen to me a lot more when I was younger and life was less complicated and hurried. That’s coming back.
“Quotes can be helpful to illuminate your writing. As long as they are not trite
and do not annoy your readers”

                - Me

Postscript 10 days later: Vindicated re: the legitimacy of quotes. See this.

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