Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nothing Doin’ Part 2

“Someone with regular things on Mondays and Thursday and the next two Fridays is NOT doing nothing!” Good point. This is what a recently-retired friend said as part of our communications about getting together. Yes. I never am actually just sitting still doing nothing. Indeed I don’t even meditate, which is as close to that as one can get (and still be alive). So, how can I say I am doing nothing? Because I am STILL a bit caught in that work-world definition of what “doing something” means. I have used “doing nothing” to mean not committed to anything that requires much thinking, planning or expectations of others - no on-going activity that occupies me. Rather, I drift (except for four times a week exercise things).  Driven by events and invitations. And I am never “busy”. I aspire to not-busy. Rather I am occupied. So, okay, I guess I’m not doing nothing. I just have to find a better way to describe it so I can be more articulate at cocktail parties when confronted with “So, what do you do?” Uhhmmmmm….

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