Sunday, July 29, 2012

When I knew

Let's talk about when I knew...there were two turning-points: Several years ago when I knew that the "fit" was getting strained for me and it was time to seriously plan/envision an exit. I committed to learning, contributing – and earning - as much as I could. The other was when the financial analysis, calculated using my July 2012 date (based on some things going on with projects, commitments, and a bit more in retirement benefits)  said: You can do this. This is when crossing over became a reality, not just something I was working towards. I felt (literally – it was physical) a heaviness lift…discontent and the strain of disconnect begin to dissipate. The goal became staying committed and making the transition with integrity. Mostly that meant when to communicate the decision. I opted for sooner rather than later. It seemed the right thing to do...and it was.

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