Friday, August 3, 2012

A Few Unexpected Things

1. The time interactions start:

  • Retirement Day 1: 8:30 am. Neighbor rings doorbell concerned about another neighbor she hasn’t seen out and about. I was awake but not up (see post: Report from Day One)

  • Retirement Day 2: 8:30 am. A retired friend I’ve been emailing calls. I was awake (and up) at 6:30 so no problem

  • Retirement Day 3: 8:30 am. Doorbell rings. It’s someone delivering a beautiful tray of cookies and a note from my financial planner. I was awake but not up. (see bullet one)

Apparently the day in non-work land starts at 8:30. Good to know. We’ll see what happens tomorrow morning.

2. Friends call me and we have conversations. In the daytime. On a week day.

3. I have yet to make a list. Other than this one.

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