Friday, August 3, 2012

Noticing Differences

The Same
It feels like Saturday
There are many of them in a row so its even better
Too much time on the computer

Lots to do
No pressure to get it done because it can get done tomorrow (really)

There are things to get frustrated about
No time pressure or big investment so I let it roll off.
Get out of bed every morning
Looking forward to what the day will bring
Look at the clock
Just wondering what time it might be

Social get-togethers with friends
More of them and they are the anchor for time/appointment planning...and they can happen in the daytime.
Take a shower
Not rushing to get to work before it is noon on the east coast.
Listen to NPR
Fresh Air and other great afternoon programming

I better stop before this turns into one of those superficial lists that get sent around. Maybe it already has. Sorry. Seriously though. The real differences are these: no time tyranny, no pressure to perform, no impossible deadlines, no navigating the expectations of others. Simple here-and-now presence in the world. And responsibility for making the most of it.

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