Saturday, August 4, 2012

Real Saturday

I don’t know….still feels like Saturday…somehow different than the weekdays. Maybe because I went to my usual Saturday morning Pilates class, listened to the usual Saturday radio programs, and, as usual, thought about  going to the Saturday farmer’s market and didn’t….or because Saturday night is, and always will be, different – “date night” even when you don’t have a date. Maybe I’m perceiving things in relation to others and since most of my friends are off it still feels like a regular Saturday. Maybe it’s that I woke up a bit affected by the Friday happy-hour retirement celebration with girlfriends at Casa Vicente - tapas and a bit too much cava (drinking when not driving is dangerous in another way). Or is it that last weekend was still in-between work days and the engrained concept of “weekend” hasn’t worn off (although last weekend, and my finals days of work, seem a world away already).

We’ll see whether the days start to blend together in terms of character or definition. But right now, it feels like real Saturday at my house.

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