Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Unexpected Emotion

I’m feeling a little guilty this morning. I hadn’t expected that – boredom, anxiety, yes – but guilt, no. I have a long list of to-dos ranging from refilling the hummingbird feeder to completely re-doing the frontscape of my house; doing my 2011 taxes and registering in the federal contracting system. None of these things need to be done today – or even this month. I thought I might get a start on something today, but none of these things are what I want to be doing right now. Now I just want to rest. Read, eat, sleep. I didn’t realize just how mentally tired I was. Am. I can't corral my mind to anything detailed. My brain needs to hangout in a hammock with a cool drink for awhile.

What is the timeline for “getting back to it”? See how engrained the work ethic can be? Hence a teeny bit of guilt. But I’ll get over it. I need to get back to that Vanity Fair article about Jackson Pollock’s mistress’s painting going up for auction.

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  1. Keep dreaming and if you need a travel buddy, let me know. Xoxo C